Novelty Leggings - Legs11 Leggings

Novelty leggings have never been better!!! Who would have thought that wearing  bold patterned cartoon printed leggings would become the norm? I never didn't.

Style like time, changes. So why not change with it. I was dropping my daughter off at school the other morning and a Mum walked her daughter into school wearing a pair of Overwatch leggings. I couldn't help but stare, I had seen these online numerous of times and thought no one would wear these. Well I was mistaken. I often get a different picture in my head what they would look like on and boy...

Are Leggings Pants?

There is an age old question..... are leggings really pants? I believe they are now!! It is becoming a style of social acceptance and this is only started growing. 

We live in a society where exercise is becoming more and more common, The cross fit mums dropping there kids off at school before they rock a session out in the gym, The soccer mom's rocking a pair of leggings on the field while doing there duties for weekend sport and of course the frequent flyers!! What is more comfortable then wearing a warm stretchy pair of leggings before boarding a...